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This has EVERYTHING!!! I saw Harley Quinn, Deadpool, Iron Giant, Akira, Back to the Future, Batman, Superman, Fallout, Mad Max and even HALO ASSAULT RIFLE!!!

I LITERALLY had a Nerdgasam watching this!!!
Would anyone like to ask for a commission? They are open!

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers

I'm going to start commissions, simply for the purpose to earn some money for needs. If you're interested please read this carefully!

I will have 10 slots open for now. Oh and these will be shown in!

Things I will draw:
- Sonic style
- Anthro
- Human
- Overwatch
- Halo
- Destiny
- Steven Universe
- Anime
- Splatoon
- Nudity
- Straight Sex
- Yuri Sex(Basically Lesbian)

- Fetishes
- Yaoi

$5- Half Body Sketch

Example by uzzthehedgehog

$10- Half Body Colored Pic

K Uzz's old outfit by uzzthehedgehog

$15- Full Body Sketch

Uzzel the Hawk by uzzthehedgehog

$20- Full Body Colored Pic

My TMNT girl: Katt by uzzthehedgehog

Additional details:
+$5 for a additional character

+$5 for Nudity

Rules to order:
1) Comment first that you're interested.
2) I will ask you to note me.
3) While you note me, fill out the following;

-Name of character
-Reference of character(Link)
-Additional Details(?)











And done! I will get to your commission as soon as I can.
All I ask when I start is to be patient, thanks!

  • Listening to: Park Avenue(Custom hero) Sonic Forces
  • Reading: Old Sonic Comics
  • Watching: Sonic Forces Trailers and gameplays
  • Playing: ALL MY SONIC GAMES!!!
  • Eating: Speghittie
  • Drinking: Dr.Pepper


Artist | Student
United States
Hi my name is Dylan.... I know I'm not a great artist but with me and my character Uzz and all my friends by my side I can do ANYTHING!!
I work VERY hard on my drawings...

DON'T get me confused with my character... I'm NOT a hedgehog!... I'm a human and Uzz is my character...

And please don't keep bugging me to chat!... I chat to who I would like to... and please Don't keep asking me about stuff multiple times when I say NO!!!..... I don't talk to random people... I make friends with who I want... So PLEASE don't bug me... I also hate drama... And random jerks... So if I don't reply, Don't keep asking me or I will Block you...and Be respectful... I don't talk to random people... So please don't just comment to try to talk to me ok?....

To others:

please don't bother me about asking for RQs... And if I don't say anything please leave me alone...


Uzz / Kampfer Uzz the hedgehog My MAIN OC!
Uzz is my favorite character I ever made in my life! Uzz is a fun loving guy who ALWAYS helps a friend in need of help!!....... He lost his parents at a very young age and got seprated from his brother Donato, Tama-hime gave him to me! and his little Sister Mindi........ Uzz has a braclet stuck on his wrist that allows him to turn into a Girl at random or when there is a Enemy Kampfer is near by....... He is basically your non average everyday Hedgehog!
his 5 Gfs:
Chao-mei the Panda
Saph the hedgehog, Akuri2Espeon gave me Chao-mei and Saph! Thanks Akrui2Espeon
Sony the hedgehog, Sony belongs to Jazlyn C.
Namine the Swallow
Connie the Falcon
Don't hit on his gfs.....
That's all he's going to have... I made a promise to my friend Jazlyn SafaraTheNext16 that Uzz is going to stick to the one he has... I really want to keep that promise...

that's all for now...

Da sisters:

tama-hime My Little DA sis!...
onyx-the-hedgehog Best sis, She gave herself that name...
maturekogun my older sister that likes to make me blush...

Btw I make shirts!!!…

Buy my stuff please!!! :'V I's need money!!!


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